FETZNETZ Webhosting – Internet Services for Creative People

We founded our hosting department in 2004 with the explicit aim to provide an ideal web- & service infrastructure for creative people and to be independant of big, anonymous and unflexible hosting companies. The only thing that matters to us is first-class service and a personal approach. Individual solutions are common.

We count among our customers photographers, agencies, theaters, labels, musicians & DJs,  designers, design & fashion colleges, media artists, dancers, actors, moderators, shamans, opera- & minnesingers, writers, filmmakers & directors, production companies, architects, carpenters, luxury cosmetics brands, créateurs de parfum..

We also provide inter alia:
E-Commerce, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Typo3, Newsletters, Mailinglists, Streaming Radios, Python/Zope, Apache Tomcat Application Framework, Redundant CLOUD Backup etc.

We run our servers in a sustainable way ! 100% green electricity and 0% CO2 emission are obtained with the use of water energy and energy efficient hard- and software, nuclear and oil free!